Cash Flow Projections

What is cash flow?

Simply put its a spreadsheet put together see your cash "flow" from month to month, so that can see over a period of time (usually a year) how your money should move. operative word is should because its a forecast, not a promise. This video does a pretty good job of explaining what it is and how to start your own.

Missed the Virtual Workshop?

No worries, here is the slide for the class, which is an overview of what we discussed. When the recording of the class is available, we will add it to this section as well.

Develop Lean Model Canvas - Business from the Home

Create your own Cash Flow Document using Google Sheets

Below is a Google Sheets template of a Cash Flow Projection, and you can have it for free! just click the button below and will take you to your google account and create a Google Sheet that you own and is yours to change, modify, or destroy. Don't be afraid to make changes it cost you nothing to do so, and failing cost nothing as well. Just remember a plan is not a law, all plans can change, and are meant to be tested.

BFS: Financial WorkSheet Template

Copy to your own Google Account! Just click on the picture above (or button below) and when you get to Google Sheeets, go to file and down to copy, and make a copy for yourself, so you can edit and modify the document and so that its stored under your account.