Eco-Tech in the Urban Garden

The "Farmbot GreenHouse" Project

This Farmbot Green house is a connection of the Farmbot and a Smart Greenhouse. The combination allows for a fully automated planting, weeding, and seeding system that also regulates the temperature and plant health, so that the plants can grow all year long.

The Farmbot

The Smart Green House

The Community Celebration

The Eco - Technichans

Local students who build, place, and maintain the Smart Garden

Farmbot Green House Classess

These are in person classes on how to build the Farmbot and Green House. The purpose is to make sure that the education and impact can be spread between the areas that need new ways to obtain fresh and healthy food.

The classes end with the students learning how to fully assemble and disassemble the Farmbot, thus becoming the qualified members of their community to repair and upgrade the Farmbot Green House.

We construct the Garden Bed - engineering and Math

We teach the students how to build the devices - Farmbot Green House/Hardware

We teach the students how to run the device - Raspberry Pi/Software

Eco tech in the Urban Garden

A community event that involves, engages, and educates the community

Eco Tech in the Urban Garden

A one day community event

After the class, we have a one day community event celebrating the graduation of the class and inaugural placement of the Farmbot Green House. From then on it will be a community garden that is producing for the community and for any local food bank. This event will be held at the location that the farmbot is being placed to let the community know of its purpose and to provide an community engagement experince, as well as celebrate the student’s achievements in a way that highlights, validates, and rewards their efforts.

Food and Live Cooking Demo

Farmbot and Vendor presentations

Games, Technology, and Family Based Activities

The Impact

Creating an economic and social impact that is sustainable

A Sustainable Impact: Growing the GreenTech Workforce

Online documentation-Farmbot's site, app, and open source learning

Upgradeable content and classes, creating community and impact

Growing food, a garden that grows food in equitable and sustainable way

Our Next Farmbot Green House Projects of 2019

FirstPlace In Central

Backed by...

King County Library In Burien, Seatac, and Des Moines

Backed by...

Rainer Valley and Central District

Backed by...

Creating food equity by creating eco-tech access

The first focus is to teach S.T.E.M. through building a garden on the campus of FirstPlace. Then we invite the community members to our other food and health events like our "How to cook anything anywhere" course and the "Eco-tech in the urban garden" event. In addition, the full Farmbot Green House project allows for a local impact that builds a workforce of trained "eco-technicians" who can repair, repurpose, and maintain the garden. Most importantly, those individuals are from and live within the community, allowing for the knowledge and resources needed to stay and grow organically from within the community.

KeyTech - Farmbot Text-Video.mp4

The 5 year goal is 25 Farmbots placed over the next 5 years, where 500+ students will learn and be engaged with S.T.E.M, and 25 farmbots will be harvesting 2,500 plants for the community on an annual basis. Establishing community hubs for food production, green tech workforce, and local businesses.

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There our more details on the history and partners involved and its a long list to provide, so back in March fo 2019, a patner of ours BlackfoxStudios, created a site that host documents and the strategic plans and milestones that we have set for this project initiative. This project is already underway, so now is the time we need to gather funding. Blackfox Studios has caculated that the minimum needed to run one Farmbot GreenHouse Program is $18k, however to run it so it has a sustainable impact the minmum is $25k. So for us to run one program we need to raise $25k. To become a parnter or sponser and have access to our FarmbotGreenHouse Strategic Plan Site contact me at